MAX2101 – MAX VERSION DISPLAYS FEATURED WALL L210 D70 H225 CM ( L82.6″ D27.5″ H88.6″ )

$3,188.00 $2,840.00

The picture is for clearer illustration purpose, hence the front panel is not shown


  • 3 unit of MAX150 with one sided acrylic
  • 3 units of MAX70 with one side acrylic
  • 3 unit of MAX150 adjustable full shelf


  • Front magnetic panel for each display
  • 4 LED spotlights for each MAX70, MAX140, MX150
  • All stacking brackets

Maximum dust protection

Total external dimensions: L210 D70 H225 CM ( L82.6″ D27.5″ H88.6″ )

  • The magnetic front panel allows easy removal of your collections from the display for play time
  • Single safety screws to secure the front panels
  • Optional adjustable shelves; could be added to configure the space according to your needs
  • Could be stack onto all MAX version displays

Safety instructions on choosing your configuration

  • Maximum free standing will be 2 levels of displays
  • Above 2 stacking levels, wall mounting each top level is needed
  • Please refer to buying-guide for more details

Care instructions

Acrylic Cover: Spray water mixture with mild detergent to rinse off any dirt. Wipe down with the microfiber cloth provided

Frame: Wipe down with a damp cloth

Frame Material: 6000 series Aluminium
Back panel: PVC
Transparent panels: Plexiglass
Base: Blockboard

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